What geographical areas does CoAbode service?

This service is nationwide and in Canada.

How many members are in my area?

We use the press to spread the word about our service. There are members in nearly all U.S. cities. You can register, fill out a profile, and do a search in your area. Membership is Free. Matches have been made with as few as 7 members in an area.

How long will it take me to find a housemate?

Since so much depends on personalities and two parties must agree to share a house, some members take longer to find a house share than others. Most people who use the service properly should find a housemate within a few weeks or months. Make sure to search the listing and email all potential housemates. Taking the time to interview and getting to know your prospective housemate is also essential.

How can I avoid the housemate from hell?

We recommend that you get to know your potential roommate before you move in together. Visit her current residence. This will tell you a lot about her habits and lifestyle. It is of course essential to see how the children interact. A week spent together before actually moving in can be a good measure of compatibility. Any client found not using the service in good faith is removed from our listings immediately. Our profiles include personal data designed to supply you with general information on our members. If you use this information in conjunction with our Extended Interview Questionnaire and combine this with your own interviewing skills, you will have a good base of information to go on. As a final precaution, you can obtain references and/or credit checks. These tools should help you keep the possibility of any undesirable situations to a minimum.

How can I increase my chances at quickly finding a great housemate?

Finding a housemate depends on you. You are competing with others who are searching for that perfect housemate situation. You are less likely to find a roommate if you wait for others to contact you. Chances of your success can hinge on several factors: Be positive and proactive and take the initiative to contact as many potential roommates as possible. Be persistent and have realistic expectations. Finding the right match can take time.

Can others join the service?

We decided to perfect the model for single mothers because we saw it was having a profound effect on their lives for many reasons. Now, we're ready to expand to all others and create community where before there was isolation. Many others are seeking our service, seniors, boomers, single fathers, empty-nesters and people with shared interests and affinities-like musicians, artist or actors. All are coming to CoAbode to connect for house sharing and the community we enable.

In the near future, CoAbode will match people based on what they value, their personalities and their goals and will soon be available to share with everyone.

We are working on a major expansion. Check back.